Volunteering at King Edward Mine

Although the site is owned by Cornwall Council, the Museum itself and some 22 acres of land is managed by a group of unpaid volunteers.

King Edward Mine volunteering Voluteers clearing a path

There is always something to be done as the complex is over 150 years old and comprises a number of Grade 11* listed buildings along with the estate.


Please don’t think that volunteering at King Edward is only for people of retirement age.  We would welcome younger people, so that skills can be passed on before they disappear.


The team comprises people who amongst many other professions were (or are) medics, secretaries, engineers and gardeners. Although we are always on the lookout for help with engineering, there are a number of other areas available such as front of house, retailing, education, estates, health and safety, administration including data management and curatorial.  From this list you can see there are a wide variety of tasks that you could help with.  Helping at the museum could look good on your CV.


There are often working parties for major refurbishment and repairs taking place on Wednesday and Sunday mornings.  You could become involved as little or as much as you wish, it is a regular commitment that is really needed. A sense of humour is more important than experience as you can learn on the job.  


If you are interested please contact info@kingedwardmine.co.uk

We are now closed for the winter.  However join us for Festive Music on Sunday 8th Dec.


You would be welcom to come and volunteer on Wednesdays or Sundays or we will see you in 2020.

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Visit the Croust Hut Cafe

 Croust Hut Cafe is open all year.

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