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King Edward Mine Museum, Troon, Camborne Cornwall, TR14 9HW, UK

King Edward Mine Museum is 1½ miles south of Camborne Station, Cornwall, TR14 9HW.  From the A30, take the Camborne/Pool exit.


We have a large car park and access to the museum entrance from a vehicle is on level ground.

To find out more about accessibility, please take a look at ;

Caravans and motorhomes are advised to approach the museum from the west, the best road being from Camborne station. We do not recommend approaching through Brea.


The museum is adjacent to the circular Great Flat Lode cycle/walking trail (7.5 miles)  It is mostly off-road,  through a mixture of farmland, heathland and industrial areas, and it is possible to deviate up onto Carn Brea to enjoy the panoramic views.  King Edward Mine is a convenient place to start/end the trail as there is a large car park, a cafe and toilets. Education facilities available.

Great Flat Lode Great Flat Lode -King Edward Mine

We are now closed for the winter.  However join us for Festive Music on Sunday 8th Dec.


You would be welcom to come and volunteer on Wednesdays or Sundays or we will see you in 2020.

See all the videos of Californian Stamps, Holman Winder and unique Cornish Rag Frames on our Youtube Channel

Visit the Croust Hut Cafe

 Croust Hut Cafe is open all year.

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