Friends of King Edward Mine

Friends of King Edward Mine (KEM) was established twelve years ago. The group functions as a means to raise funds for projects and as an interested party with a view on the priorities at KEM which is independent of the KEM Board.


The most recent completed project was the acquisition and installation of a compressor which allows the guides to demonstrate the Holman winder to visitors on a daily basis and not only on open day.


The Friends of KEM have the benefit of 20% off the sales tag of the items in the shop and free entry to the museum.


If you wish to learn more about Friends of KEM, kindly collect a leaflet from the museum or contact the secretary Sid Geake at Elm Cottage, Middle Row, Ashton, Helston, Cornwall. TR13 9RX. 


We are now closed for the winter.  Come and volunteer on Wednesdays or Sundays or we will see you in 2020.

See all the videos of Californian Stamps, Holman Winder and unique Cornish Rag Frames on our Youtube Channel

Visit the Croust Hut Cafe

 Croust Hut Cafe is open all year.

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