Holman Exhibition -  one of the world's most famous manufacturer of rock drills

The new Winder and Compressor house was opened in 2010 and contains an exhibition  dedicated to the story of Holman Brothers of Camborne.  


During the 19th century Cornwall became the world’s leading centre for the development and manufacture of equipment for the mining industry. Holmans Bros patented their first drill in 1881 and continued to produce equipment until the 1990s.


Holman rock drills were internationally synonymous with mining: winning many competitions and holding a number of mining and tunnelling world records.

The displays contain illustrated boards, artefacts and pieces of original and in some cases, unique equipment, which demonstrate the wide range of Holman Brothers Ltd. interests and products.

Part of the Holman Rock Drill Collection is housed at KEM.  The intention is to preserve, present and fully catalogue the collection for the benefit of the public.

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